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Hall Core Water has its roots in the resource drilling industry, where we have drilled for all major commodities on the African continent.

With this background, we know that fresh water is quickly becoming one of the scarcest commodities, and that water-associated-risk is currently considered one of the biggest threats facing our planet. This is why we have taken it upon ourselves to deliver unique technology-based sustainable water solutions which are available in a comprehensive capital and risk free package.

Our service offering is provided on a risk free approach, where our clients are only charged for the amount of water that they consume at a discount to municipal rates.

Hall Core Water takes care of locating and abstracting water as well as the implementation, maintenance and monitoring of the infrastructure and water quality. We provide water on a per KL basis to customers at no capital expenditure expense to the customer.


Hall Core Water offers sustainable water solutions through an experienced team and our knowledgeable partners. This unique service offering provides clean running water with benefits including:

  • No initial capital outlay
  • The elimination of inherent risks associated with groundwater development
  • A combination of an extensive set of processes in one ‘packaged solution’
  • The provision of necessary operation and maintenance
  • Warranties which are integral to ensuring sustainable water
  • Monthly reporting and monitoring to measure the output relating to the project

This is created through either a water purchase agreement or through an outright sale.

Water purchase agreement
No initial capital outlay is required from a client, only the operational expenditure. This is also at a discount to the area’s municipal rates. Our clients, therefore, purchase water on a per KL basis over 10 to 15 years, once groundwater development has been successfully completed - this is done at Hall Core Water’s risk. 

Outright sales
A fully sustainable solution where the water abstraction system is sold as an outright purchase. In this scenario, the costing is based on the depth of hole(s), water usage required and quality of water etc. Our clients also have the option to subscribe to the monthly maintenance of the system - this is mostly relevant for residential customers and government institutions.


Currently there is no other services provider in South Africa that package the entire process to supply clean running water in a complete full service offering from groundwater assessment through to implementation and monitoring the infrastructure many years down the line.

Hall Core offers a unique, fully comprehensive and risk free offering. A full follow through approach to implementing comprehensive technology based water supply solutions, from full ground water analysis, including geographical surveys, drilling the well and putting infrastructure in place, both below and above the ground.

Hall Core Water


During a site analysis, we deploy the necessary scientific techniques to assess the potential of groundwater in the area. This process reveals the potential presence of groundwater where after the actual flow rates and performance of the boreholes are established through aquifer tests.

Hall Core Water

Drilling wells / wellfield development

Wells are drilled using a high-pressure air-driven hammer often referred to as percussion drilling. Shattered splinters of rock are continuously removed from the borehole by the air used to drive the hammer.

Hall Core Water

lining and
sealing the well

PVC liner is placed within a well to prevent surface contamination - where the water strike has been encountered, a perforated casing is installed to allow the water to enter the well. The lining and sealing of wells increase their longevity and affects the cleanliness of the water.

Hall Core Water

installing surface

The surface infrastructure includes all piping, tanks, and stands required to maintain a sufficient water buffer on the surface. This ensures the continuous availability of running water at the various points of connection. 

Hall Core Water

Installing well

Well infrastructure includes the submersible pump, monitoring equipment and all plumbing and electrical components associated with the down-hole equipment. At Hall Core Water we make use of high-end quality equipment that meets the water requirements of our clients and aids to the performance of the well over time.

Hall Core Water

testing &
determining well

The best way to determine the potential of a well is by undertaking a pump or yield test. These results are analysed to determine the volume of water that can be abstracted on a sustainable basis. This includes the required ‘rest period’ for the well to recover, the correct sizing of the pump (to prevent over abstraction and pump burnout) and helps to determine the optimum pumping schedule.

Hall Core Water


We manage the water-use license application process (and any other relevant permits and licenses) and maintain all statutory documentation for our clients to access water in a legal manner. 

Hall Core Water


In line with regulatory requirements and as part of a well-managed water supply system, all wells are fitted with monitoring equipment to monitor both downhole variables as well as on surface deliverables. 

This ensures that the deliverables that are agreed upon, are met on a continuous basis.

Hall Core Water

capital outlay

There is no initial capital outlay required from a client with capital spreading over 10 to 15 years once groundwater development has been completed at Hall Core Water’s risk.

Responsible. Accountable. Risk Free

sectors we serve

Each sector is different but our customised business solutions is aimed at increasing every single customer's market capitalisation under the scenario of imminent higher water prices competition from one of our most precious resources increase.

commercial, industrial & recreational

This includes shopping centres, business parks, security estates, golf courses, hospitals and schools. These are mostly businesses requiring water to support their core business in order to generate revenue, with the majority also being very sensitive to the quality of water that they are supplied with. Industrial operations are known for using large volumes of water and are also highly dependent on the constant supply of this water in their manufacturing processes. The increasing inability of municipalities to supply water at a constant level also emphasizes the current and future value that we provide our clients.


The mining sector is the third largest user of water by volume in South Africa, and the second largest in terms of financial value of sales and is largely dependent on the surety of water supply. Mining requires water for mineral processing, metal recovery, cleaning, and dust control amongst others. We assist mining operations in meeting their operational water requirements as well as with the following: Mine dewatering for the purpose of safe mining; and monitoring boreholes for environmental impact monitoring and compliance purposes.


Irrigation is the largest water use component by far in South Africa - more than two-thirds of the country’s water is used for agricultural purposes (67%). Climate change will also continue to influence water scarcity and rainfall variability, which will necessitate active adaptation management. We can assist farming operations to plan in advance in order to prevent being caught in the middle of the next drought or flood cycle. We can also assist with small-scale brackish or wastewater treatment solutions on farms depending on the required water quality.

rural water

Hall Core Water invests in safe drinking water in rural areas - increasing the access to clean water and thereby reducing social inequalities. Here we focus on providing groundwater solutions to rural communities.

corporate social investment

We are in the process of supplying 70,000 people with 50 litres of water per person, per day - resulting in a total supply of 3.5 million litres per day. 


South Africa’s water infrastructure – with a weighted average age of 39 years – is subject to ageing effects associated with internal and external stresses, while inadequate maintenance and capital renewal have resulted in further deterioration. Further decline could eliminate surface water as a sustainable source as it cannot be distributed efficiently. Our basic water supply backlog in South Africa is approximately 2,7 million people or 700,000 households. This is why we offer solutions to municipalities to help alleviate the eminent water crises – which forms part of our commitment to social progress and equality.


Locating potential ground water remains a key risk in the development of groundwater projects. During our site analysis we will deploy several techniques to assess the potential of groundwater in the area..

off the grid water solutions -
property investment group projects

Hall Core Water provides water solutions to property investment groups that have opted to minimise their dependence on municipal water and the electrical grid. With the implementation of solar technology and water storage facilities they can go off-the-grid and save money as this water is provided at a discount to municipal rates.

Mining resources - water monitoring project

We are well positioned to assist mining operations in meeting their operational water requirements as well as mine dewatering for the purpose of safe mining. We also assist with delivering monitoring boreholes for environmental impact monitoring and compliance purposes. 

Game farm project

With no rivers or canal systems that supply water to a specific Game Farm area, we implemented a fully automated solar-groundwater solution that feeds into a water network system with various watering points for animals.

rwanda project

With Rwanda’s risk of seasonal droughts and water contamination we implemented a solar-groundwater solution ensuring safer access to this most basic human need.

Community water project

Water scarcity in rural Limpopo is a reality, as a majority of the community relies on water trucking solutions. So far, we have provided water to 2,000 community members out of a total of the future 70,000 members. Engagement with the government on a local and national level has been key to the success of this project and the plans for further development continues.

Orphanage project

Hall Core Water in partnership with a non-governmental organisation from the United States of America, has installed a water solution at a school and orphanage. The solution addressed the risk of the erratic municipal supply and additional water supply storage.

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